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We offer the world's first comprehensive right-set solution for investing

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The smart platform for top-tier projects reach to the world

Cloud Based


A strict custodial mechanism for the safety of your investment

No transaction fees


Yield farmers earn rewards and have higher chance to be whitelisted in the upcoming projects

Instant operations


The most powerful predictive evaluation toolkit, for a pure defi world

Strong teams & Advisors


Swapping crypto across blockchains has never been easier

Protects the identity


Digitizing the world, auctioning, and sharing the profit


With a unique approach, get early access to top projects with a first-class ticket

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Road Map

Market research
Product research

Sep-Oct 2020

Testnet B-Swap v1.0
Testnet B-Launch

Nov 2020

Testnet B-Insure v1.0
Beta document

Dec 2020

Fundraising & IDO B-Launch
Fundraising & IDO B-Swap
Fundraising & IDO B-Farm
Fundraising & IDO B-Tool
Fundraising & IDO B-NFT
Fundraising & IDO B-Insure
Release B-Swap v1.0
Release B-Launch
Release B-Farm
Release B-Insure v1.0
Testnet B-Tool
Testnet B-NFT

Q2 2021

Release B-Tool v1.0
Release B-NFT 1.0
Listing top CEX
Testnet B-Insure v2.0
Testnet B-Swap v2.0
Testnet B-Tool v2.0

Q3 2021

Release B-Insure v2.0
Release B-Tool v2.0
Wallet BSClaunch
Mobile app
Testnet B-NFT v2.0

Q4 2021

Release B-Swap v2.0
Release B-NFT v2.0
Roadmap update

Q1 2022

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